Tastardi Tiles wall tiles: we present you the Infinito collection

Keep the eyes on the stars, and the feet on the ground.
(Theodore Roosevelt)

Infinite: how our series of coverings began

Since ancient times, men have looked at the stars as if to the great mystery. Space travel has only increased Humanity's love for unknown space. We live with our feet firmly on the ground, but with our eyes constantly looking up to the sky.

Carl Sagan, astrophysicist and science disseminator said that we are made of star material..It is not a purely romantic definition, it has a scientific basis:70% of the atoms that make up our organism were formed during the Big Bang.

Beginning from the enormous fascination that the stars have always exercised on
man, Tastardi Tiles wanted to create a collection of coverings that celebrated the great mystery of the universe. This is why we chose the name Infinity series.

Description of the Infinito Tastardi Tiles series

The universe is endless, a quality that also well describes the extreme versatility of our collection, made up of 10 X 10 cm tiles characterised by two different decorations, with relief designs of different heights. Covered with coloured glass enamels, the stars emerge from the bottom, lighting up in the darkness of the night like stars in the firmament. The decorations can be combined: in this way everyone can paint their own starry sky.

Due le finiture: Lucide Craquelé o Bianco Matt. La prima presenta finitura lucida vetrosa e una caratteristica screpolatura che riproduce l'intreccio di linee sottili che contraddistinguono le piastrelle antiche dopo l'invecchiamento. La seconda è neutra e opaca, per ambienti dal look minimal e dallo stile essenziale.

Two finishes: Glossy Craquelé or Matt White. The first has a vitreous glossy finish and a characteristic cracking that reproduces the intertwining of fine lines that distinguish ancient tiles after aging. The second is neutral and opaque, for
environments with a minimal look and essential style.

Infinite is a romantic series but at the same time with a contemporary taste that adapts with great versatility to different styles of environment, from the most traditional to the most modern ones.

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Tastardi Tiles Infinite series: images and pics

This is our series Infinito, coverings that celebrates the poetry of the starred sky. Allowv yourself to be enchanted  by our gallery, to recreate the magic of a night sky in your home.