“A town means not being alone, knowing that in the people, the trees, the soil, there is something of yourself, that even when you’re not there it stays and waits for you.”

(Cesare Pavese EN)

Little white-walled houses with colorful roofs overlook the blue cobalt sea, below the light blue sky, in the morning or dotted with stars, at night. The sea is a treasure chest filled with secrets, which hosts boats and dreams, fishes and legends, brave fishermen and beautiful mermaids… this is the fantastic imagination conceived by Lamberto Tastardi, A.K.A. “Luciano”, the man that turned poetry into ceramics.

His dream, began in 1955, with the foundation of “Creazioni Luciano” that still continues with his sons, Luciano jr. and Roberto, that have inehrited his love for the earth and its legends.

The foundation of Tastardi Tiles, high quality ceramic tileworks, is the new piece of a varied mosaic, a natural extension of Creazioni Luciano that begins from tradition to mold a new, modern and functional world.

Our goal is to create unique coverings mixing the production techniques of the original manufacture, such as the “relief”, of which we are world leader, with hand made decorations that do not need any silk-screen nor mechanical printing, making each tile a unique piece.

With Tastardi Tiles, myths become matter and color; the richness of ancient legends and  the Arab-Norman source of inspiration chromatisms are synthesized in sinuous and modern lines that aim to the essential, modeling enviroments, enriching spaces, both public and private ones.

The instinctive brush painted strokes become the artist’s signature of our coverings, the “pennellati Tastardi”; mermaids, stars, flowers, wonderful details set in ceramic, embellishing the covering’s modularity; abstract patterns, engraved or in relief, recalling the rocks of the Amalfi Coast, the light blue skies and the sea of the Coast, alternating with ancient symbols; cool and warm tones narrate simultaneously the roots and the future, the audacity and the poetry of an ancient land.

Over the years, Luciano Jr. e Roberto Tastardi have continued to build an innovative and passionate vision around their father’s dream, which blends tradition and future, using highly qualified craftmen, nowadays an integral part of the great “Tastardi Family”, the poets of ceramics.